HEALTH WATCH: High-fat diet may be good for you

Updated: Monday, May 12 2014, 07:55 PM CDT
HEALTH WATCH: High-fat diet may be good for you story image
A new book that claims a high-fat diet can actually be good for you!

"The Big Fat Surprise: Why butter, meat and cheese belong in a healthy diet" is shaking up everything you ever been told about eating healthy.
ABC's Bianna Golodryga talks to the author and some critics.

Bacon, burgers, butter delicious, but unhealthy right?  Not so fast

Reporter Nina Teicholz, author of the new book "the big fat surprise" says the way we think about fat in our foods is totally wrong.
"Saturated fat is really not bad for doesn't cause obesity, diabetes and heart disease."

A pretty radical statement! The current USDA guidelines show a recommended daily 'food budget' - split between grains, vegetables, fruits and proteins - with limited dairy consumption - and allowances for so-called healthy, unsaturated fat but - *saturated* fat?

Reporter, "You're actually saying that the kind of fat that this has is better for you?"
Author, "Saturated fat, it's not unhealthy.  Also it's a solid fat you can see. It's not an oil, that means that it's far more stable.

But not all nutritionists are convinced.

Rachel Beller, a nutrionist & author, "eat to lose, eat to win", "I think having too much saturated fat could potentially raise numerous risk factors for our health."

But Teicholz says the real culprit to heart disease and weight gain is America's sugar and carb addiction.

Reporter, "So in a typical day what do you eat?"

Author, "the big fat surprise", "So I start my day with bacon, and for lunch I usually snack on nuts, cheese, salami.

"I tried so hard when I was a vegetarian and I used to obsess about food. But now I just don't.  And I barely exercise. I found that I lost ten pounds and my cholesterol levels were fine.

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HEALTH WATCH: High-fat diet may be good for you
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