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Suspect in "Bonnie & Clyde" crime spree killed

New Allergy Drug

Updated: Tuesday, May 6 2014, 05:47 PM CDT
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The spring allergy season is upon us prompting allergy sufferers to run to the nearest drug store in search of relief.

But as Amber Miller shows us, a newly approved drug could eliminate the need for those visits and allergy shots all together.

Ready or not, spring allergy season is here.

"Even with a chill in the air and no pollen build up on cars, allergy sufferers say the season is definitely changing."

Shonta Timmons: "Your throat starts itching. Your nose is running and there is nothing you can do about it.

Shonta Timmons developed seasonal allergies when she was 30.
Dust, pollen and grass triggering her symptoms.

Shonta Timmons: "You can't get around it inanyway. The grass and the pollen are there. You have to come outside.

The first ever under the tongue allergy fighting pill, oralair, approved by the FDA earlier this month---a possible fix for Timmons problems.

Tim Doyle is both a doctor and seasonal allergy sufferer.

Dr. Tim Doyle: "The purpose of the medication, like the allergy shot is to desensitize you or make you less sensitive to the allergy."

The Hay Fever pill eliminating the need for allergy shots and constant doctor visits.

Dr. Tim Doyle: "When you're coming in to see your allergist or your physician every couple of weeks and this can go on for years. With this product you do your first dose in the office, just to make sure you tolerate the medication and the rest can be done at home."

 Shonta Timmons: "To me a pill is much better than shots all up and down my arm and visits once, twice a week, depending upon the severity."New Allergy Drug

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