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Miles comes home cancer free

Updated: Tuesday, September 17 2013, 07:31 PM CDT
ESCAMBIA COUNTY   --  My families the one at home and here at work -- are rejoicing.
We recently found out my nephew is officially cancer free.

For a year a half Miles fought Battled Acute Myeloid Leukemia and our community helped him.
Between our amazing doctors and nurses almost 300 viewers signing up on the "Be the Match" Bone Marrow Registry -- we were blessed with  a tremendous amount of prayer and support.
Miles' hard fought happy ending.
(The call came in May -- a match for Miles had been found.
"Sigh of relief, I was gonna make it through, I was gonna be one of the survivors and be able to live and tell the story to my kids."

Thanks to donated Infant Cord Blood from a baby girl in Australia.
(("Thought that was pretty cool, considering the fact I've never left the U.S. and to have something exported to me, I felt it was was pretty special."))
Miles and mother went to Jacksonville to a transplant center.  Intense rounds of chemo and twice daily radiation  wiped out his immune system. He was then infused with the cord blood.
30 days of total isolation followed.
The process took the summer -- mostly just Miles and his mom.  He says that turned out to be the best part.

(("Spending 100 days with my mom primarily, we started to talk more, find more common interests.  I believe this was a pretty good experience for both of us."))

(("I think it helped us just see each other, what our strengths are and we just really relied on each other."))
Slowly but surely Miles' new cells began building.  Last week *The* Test came..cancer free -- officially.

(("There are times I still catch myself, is it real.  Just going to work it hit me again and the tears just start flooding all over again.  It's a blessing."))
His local doctor -- Nemours Children Clinic Blood and Cancer Specialist Angie Brown will monitor Miles weekly until his immune system rebuilds.

(("We're delighted, we're delighted that Miles is doing so well and absolutely glad to have him back in Pensacola."))
Mother and son are both so thankful and relieved.  Now it's time for more typical teenage concerns like a drivers license and school.
Mom worries about a certain aunt who spoils him rotten.
As soon as he was home -- Miles came to visit some of his favorite Channel Three folks.

Paula says such reunions are simply answered prayers.
(("Grateful to God because without that guidance there's just no way I would have made it through it."))Miles comes home cancer free

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