HEALTH NEWS: Soda warnings

Updated: Thursday, January 23 2014, 06:44 PM CST
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The FDA said it will look into the safety of caramel coloring found in soft drinks and other foods, after a new study from Consumer Reports found some levels of a potentially carcinogenic chemical.
Doctors say the amount of soda the average American drinks wouldn't put them at risk, but colored soft  drinks still aren't a good healthy choice.
The Super Bowl's coming up and Americans will be stocking up on sodas!
But you may want to rethink what you're drinking.

The FDA says it's looking into whether the caramel coloring in soft drinks and other foods has any risks, after a new study from Consumer Reports.

Consumer Reports
Consumers should be aware that the soft drinks that they drink do contain caramel color - every one we tested did have presence of potential carcinogen

The chemical is called 4-MEI and it's a by-product sometimes formed in the making of the carmel coloring that turns soft drinks brown.

Consumer Reports studied 12 brands of soda from 5 manufacturers. Their researchers found high levels of 4-MEI  caused lung cancer in mice.

The brands with the highest levels? Pepsi One and Malta Goya.
For now the only studies looking at the dangers of this chemical have been done on animals.

But the FDA says that soda drinkers shouldn't be concerned about their current consumption.

Dr. Richard Besser
You would have to drink thousands of cans a day to reach the levels that the mice were getting.

That doesn't mean doctors say you should keep chugging those sodas!
Dr. Richard Besser
I don't recommend that people drink a lot of soda.  You have an occasional soda, it doesn't matter which one you have. You'll be fine. Water, bubbly or
 flat, the best way to go.

California has mandated a cancer warning label on products that have a certain level of this chemical. Consumer Reports researchers say they hope the FDA considers making that a national requirement.

HEALTH NEWS: Soda warnings
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