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HEALTH NEWS: Florida Healthcare rating

Updated: Tuesday, January 21 2014, 11:52 AM CST
HEALTH NEWS:  Florida Healthcare rating story image
FLORIDA  --  Florida is failing to provide people with adequate "access to emergency care".
That's according to a new report issued by the American College of Emergency Physicians.

Florida faces a triple challenge in access to emergency care: Physician shortages, insufficient hospital capacity, and a lack of adequate health insurance coverage.

Florida is experiencing a severe physician workforce shortage- specialty coverage for emergency departments posing a particular challenge.

Florida also has an inadequate supply of neurosurgeons; emergency physicians; orthopedists and hand surgeons; ear, nose, and throat specialists; and registered nurses.

When it comes to pediatric care the sunshine state ranks dead last in the nation for children who are able to see a provider. 

Florida already has one of the greatest needs for additional primary care providers in the nation and financial barriers also cause high rates of uninsured adults and children. Additionally, Florida has reportedly experienced severe medication shortages in pre-hospital and emergency care settings.

Despite having some key medical liability reforms in place, Florida has failed to make significant progress with its medical liability. While medical liability insurance premiums for primary care physicians and specialists decreased slightly, they are still the highest in the nation.

"I think we as Americans need to stand up and say listen, we do need to look at this a little more closer. There are provisions in the Affordable Care Act to investigate some of these shortfalls.

What can we do to make a difference? We have to talk to our congressmen about funding these as well."

The state needs to recruit, train, and retain all types of health professionals, including emergency physicians and specialists willing to be on call.

HEALTH NEWS: Florida Healthcare rating
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