HEALTH: Heat advisory issued for local area

Updated: Friday, August 22 2014, 05:49 PM CDT
HEALTH:  Heat advisory issued for local area story image
Heat is one of the largest weather related killers in the United States every year.  With heat advisories in effect for our area, Channel Three's Jim Carmack looks at steps you can take to stay safe.

Jim says, "It's hot.  It's humid.  It's the middle of August on the Gulf coast after all.  And that means you need to stay cool."

James Shelby of Energy Systems knows something about the heat.  "Today we're doing a roof job.  Ain't no shade around.  It's humid and we're just trying to stay cool."

They install and repair air conditioning systems in the summer.  Good news for their customers.  Not so much for the employees.

"They wish we could stay there and enjoy it, but when the job's done we have to move on and find another hot one to do."

For many who work outside, the options are limited.
Mark Petway of NES Rentals says, "Ah, it's just what it is.  There's not a lot you can do about it.  Just stay hydrated and work."

So the best thing to do is take precautions.
"If you have to be outside, wear loose fitting clothes, drink lots of water.  16 ounces an hour sometimes," says William Hopkins of Escambia County EMS.  "Make sure that you take frequent breaks.  Don't overdo it."

Petway agrees.  "Without those precautions you'll drop out and won't even know it and somebody will be picking you up off the ground."
If you are outside and you find yourself sweating excessively, getting dizzy, or even disoriented, stop, take a break, and cool down.  Drink water, not alcohol or caffeine, and stay indoors in air conditioning if possible.

"If you're outside and you notice somebody who has become red and stopped sweating, now we're starting to approach heat stroke which is a true medical emergency," says Hopkins.
That's the time to call 9-1-1.

"If you're not sure, it's always better to call us and have us come out and check."
"In addition to taking care of yourself, health officials are urging you to consider children, elderly and pets and make sure they are safe as well."

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HEALTH: Heat advisory issued for local area
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