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Updated: Friday, July 18 2014, 06:51 PM CDT
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Health:    A mom and dad were inspired to invent a protective device for bicycles after a minor bike accident led to a frightening medical emergency for their own child.

Luke on bike with go pro
It seemed like a minor bicycle spill. Luke Meyers was just four years old and riding his bike in his yard during a family cook out in August 2011.

Dave Meyers / Father
He was going about 2 -3  miles per hour when he crashed so we didn't think much of it. Our kids they lay their bikes down a lot all kids do.

But what seemed like a minor fall developed into a major medical crisis.
Initially there wasn't hardly a red mark but as time went on we knew he was in a lot of pain and something was wrong.

The Meyers took Luke to Vanderbilt's Children's Hospital.  It turns out when he fell on the end of his bikes handle bar it caused a tear in his small intestine. His abdomen was filling with toxic fluid.

They repaired the damage and irrigated him out. We had to spend about a week in the hospital to make sure infection didn't set in and for his bowels to start working again.

After Luke was on the mend his parents thought about how his injury happened. The Handle Bar Helmet was born.

Joseph Pleasant
The way the Handle Bar Helmet works is very simple it simply goes on the end of the handle bar here and it protects children if they fall.

We want them on every kids bicycle. Senseless injuries like this don't need to happen the injuries that have surfaced as we have gotten into this with our research is just mind blowing.

They are catching on by the week. I shipped a pair out to Portland Oregon.
We have sold them in Vermont, Maine so they are catching on.

As for Luke he has made a full recovery and his scary spill doesn't keep him from riding his bike nearly every day.

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