HEALTH: Deer Antler Velvet

Updated: Friday, May 9 2014, 10:22 AM CDT
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Now to a surprising new dietary supplement popular with a number of athletes...
It's called Deer Antler Velvet

Trainers and doctors are turning to it.
They believe it helps improve muscle strength, recovery and boost energy
It's been used in China for thousands of years.
The premise is pretty simple: A deer's antlers grow fast, more than an inch a day so taking the supplement could transfer those regenerative qualities transfer to human beings.
Desperate after his injury, professional ballplayer Adam Greenberg turned to Velvet Deer Antler at the suggestion of one of his doctors.

"I dove for a ball and tore my rotator cuff 90 % all the way through."
"Within the first couples days I knew there was something positive going on. Dr. Kwok called me up and he said, how were you playing?' and I said, 'what do you mean?' he said, you don't have a rotator cuff. it's basically non-existent.'"

Doctors say patients who took the supplement reported more energy, less joint pain and muscle ache, and a shorter recovery time.

But they are still studying the safety of the product, and so far there are no studies that prove a significant benefit from taking Deer Antler Velvet.
It is now sold in the United States as liquid drops, capsules, and as a spray.
Because it's sold as a supplement - not a medicine -companies don't have to prove there's any benefit. More health information

HEALTH: Deer Antler Velvet
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