Americans Gaining Weight

Updated: Thursday, May 22 2014, 10:16 PM CDT
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It's no secret that Americans are getting fatter.
Now researchers say they know the reason why -- and it may surprise you.
ABC News senior medical contributor, Dr. Timothy Johnson has more on the reasons behind the expanding waistlines.. and some possible solutions.

American waistlines have been widening for decades. Today, nearly one in three of us are obese.

We've blamed many things over the years... How we get less exercise, or how our diets have gotten worse.

But researchers at the Rand Corporation say the real reason has to do with our wallets.

In other words, they say, cheap food and our propensity to buy lots of it is to blame.
Looking at data gathered over the past sixty years they found some surprises. It turns out that Americans actually exercise more than we did in the past    And we have better access to fresh fruits and vegetables.

But Americans today also have the cheapest food in the developed world. We only spend a tenth of our income on food, down from fourteen percent only 40 years ago.

So the answer to our weight woes may be a dash of restraint. Your waist will thank you.Americans Gaining Weight
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